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Flexible girl forced to work out naked

2009-Apr-22, 01:42
Lissome lass shows pussy to fitness instructor

Dangerous Anastasia on the training track again. A kiss on a cheek, clothes off, and the workout starts, this time involving dumbbells. The girl's arms were too weak so each time she had to struggle, aided by Anastasia's cusses and smacks. Seeing that the girl is exhausted, the wise trainer threw her on the floor and dominated her helpless body by doing things which go well beyond the usual training routine. Naked Kristina eagerly opened her limbs with strict Anastasia above her.

Delicious girlie forced to do stretching nude

2009-Apr-22, 01:39
 gymnast gets tied and punished

This gym coach considers that slaves are even worse than pigs but she makes the use of her own adorable trainee and makes him get naked! She never leaves it alone and controls girl’s every step ready to punish for any failure! Poor naked gymnast! Just look how she tries to creep away from that aggressive instructor!

Bossy trainer humiliates and teases her trainee

2009-Apr-22, 01:31
Sporty girl forced to do weightlifting nude

What we especially like here are young submissive brunettes, preferably with a bit of extra fat. This one might claim she's slim enough, but who cares? Nice choice of lingerie, though! However, to do the real job, she has to be naked, and our redhead trainer is not someone you can say 'no' to. Her eyes beg for mercy - but with no success. Watch her follow the directions of the bitchy trainer, hear her grunt and see her look totally used in the end.

Brutal coach stretches nude brunette's back muscles

2009-Apr-22, 01:27
naked gymnastic babe's butt

When you are serious about training, you have to be ready for anything. Even if your trainer tells you the workout starts before you even enter the flat - and only after you take off all clothes. This chick required special attention, just look at her larger-than-life boobs and thick ass! You have to train these off, bitch! After the bitchy trainer could not even grab her assets because of the sweat, she finally took the obedient athlete to wash the humiliation off her gorgeous body.

Coach makes gymnast strip and show pussy

2009-Apr-22, 01:26
Hot naked gymnast

What? Did you say striptease? Before you can even think about stripping in shows, you gotta have your body brought to proper shape. And if your stupid head does not know shit about working out like you should, I'm the trainer here! These are the thoughts running through the head of our mean trainer as she made the poor naked brunette pour out gallons of sweat and hurting her from time to time - just to keep her tuned. That's the way how it should be!.

Coach makes her adorable trainee get naked

2009-Apr-22, 01:06
naked trainees

Now this is one sensitive type. This blonde is obviously not this bad as the cows before, still Anastasia gives her a menacing start, nearly pushing her into the wall. The girl got some skill, but Asya does not give her any time to relax, grabbing her by the cheeks and pushing her physical limits further. The girl somehow fancies her cruel trainer, and even moaning loudly from the pain she tries to do her best. All exhausted she hides in the corner while Anastasia gives a victorious smile.

Naked babe with yummy butt get trained

2009-Apr-22, 01:00
Naked babe with yummy butt get trained

The chain fantasy got some really naughty development here. Subjugated like a disobedient dog, Julia has to go through the usual routine workout being on a leash with mean Anastasia on the other end. With smacks still ringing in her gorgeous bottom, the obedient Julia was running around her powerful trainer, salty sweat evaporating from her silk-like skin. Anastasia liked this so much she even grabbed her head and kissed her on the lips in the end.

Two gymnasts with perfect booties exercising stripped

2009-Apr-22, 12:58
naked gymnastics

Two obedient trainees - slender and flexible. A male trainer - wicked and exacting. What is waiting for these gymnasts? A hardest train-up ever! They have to do nude exercises synchronously, being collared and motivated by a cane. It could be a pretty ordinary training. What should they do to escape punishment? Oh yes, they obey!

Miniature girl in forced gymnastics session

2009-Apr-22, 12:55
gymnast does special naked drills

What makes you think you could make a good stripper? Okay, the tits are there, ass too, show us your skills then! This one had to pass through a real lot before she could go onstage. Watch as this sexy beauty becomes a strip star under close supervision - and humiliation - from our mean trainer. The girl got all sweaty and horny in the process, just look how erect her nipples are! Poor thing, hope she can still walk after this training.

Sporty brunette dominated by her lesbian coach

2009-Apr-22, 12:18
Naked gymnast

The trainer needed just one look at this chubby dark-haired bimbo to realize she'll require a lot of work. Do you call these muscles? The stupid cutie was thrown on the floor right away, and a sweat-squeezing, nipple-pinching workout started. Her ample boobies were glistening with the liquid of exercise, and however cruel the coach was, the girl's twat got all soaked with juice. She got a red swollen ass, too!

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